Some Useful Mobile Strike Cheats and Tips

Here are some necessary tips for the Mobile Strike hack.

Learn to be on a mission all the time

The main objective is to use limited resources to get as many gold and XP as you can. You can only do that by completing as many missions as possible. There are daily missions, weekly missions and VIP missions. Just continue to complete mission after mission. When you are done with one mission, claim your rewards and begin another mission.


Form an alliance

It is highly beneficial to form an alliance with some other players or join anyone that is already available. There is a huge synergy in joining an alliance. Each alliance offers totally different rewards and these rewards depend on the activities within each alliance. The most important reason for joining an alliance is to be able to request help from some members of your alliance. You might also need to level-up your base to be able to exploit this feature. The higher the level of your base the more help you can request. To help your alliance grow and become better much faster feel free to share the Mobile Strike hack with them.

Reduce your energy cost

It is good to reduce your energy cost to enable you fire the bases of your enemy with relatively less consumption of energy. The best way to do this is to stack some skill points into that course.


Always level-up your commander

Although your commander will level-up as you complete one task after another. It is always good to apply some speed. Leveling-up your commander will unlock some skill points for you to spend.

Fortify your base

Your base is your backbone. If it is attacked, the game is as good as lost. That is why it will be the target of your enemies. More so, they will also want to loot your gold and other stored resources. So you need to continuously fortify your base by upgrading it regularly. This will make it difficult for enemies to reach it. As it can be very time consuming to farm all the resources yourself you can generate them with the Mobile Strike cheats by making a few clicks.

Make use of your teleporting tool

When you are under attack and you need some time to regroup, you might need to teleport away from trouble first. It will give you some time to regroup and re-strategize. As a beginner, you will have one free teleport that will expire once you begin level six. So you have to use it between Levels one and five. Later on you can get many more teleporters but its hard to afford them if you are upgrading your troops and base as well. So there is a brand new way on how to get enough resources to become able to get everything you need, its the Mobile Strike hack this tool is able to generate unlimited amounts of Gold or any other resource.

Take the time to complete the tutorials

A lot of players are impatient to finish the tutorials before launching themselves into the game. Bear in mind that there is no redundant information in the tutorials. Every point in it matters a lot. And the little you miss out by not completing it will affect you when it matters the most. It is highly logical that the more tutorials you miss the more knowledge you lack.


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